Wooden Floor Sanding and Polishing Services in Nairobi

At Dulytec Cleaning Services we offer expert wooden floor sanding and polishing services in Nairobi, providing a transformative touch to your spaces.

Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in reviving and enhancing the natural beauty of wooden floors, ensuring a polished and elegant finish that revitalizes your interior.

Our Services Include:

  1. Professional Sanding: Our expert technicians utilize advanced sanding techniques to effectively remove imperfections, scratches, and wear from your wooden floors, creating a smooth and even surface.

  2. Precise Polishing: We employ high-quality polishing materials and techniques to achieve a stunning finish, bringing out the inherent richness and texture of your wooden floors.

  3. Customized Finishes: Whether you prefer a glossy shine or a more subdued matte finish, we cater to your preferences and tailor our services to meet your specific aesthetic and functional requirements.

  4. Sealing and Protection: To ensure the longevity of your wooden floors, we provide sealing services that safeguard against moisture, stains, and daily wear-and-tear, preserving the beauty of your floors for years to come.

Wooden Floor Sanding and Polishing Services in Nairobi

Our Wooden Floor Sanding and Polishing Services Checklist


  • Inspection: Assess the condition of the wooden floors to determine the extent of sanding and polishing required.

  • Clear the Area: Remove furniture, rugs, and other obstacles from the room to facilitate easy access to the entire floor surface.

  • Repair Work: Address any major damages, such as cracks or deep scratches, before proceeding with sanding and polishing.

Sanding Process:

  • Initial Sanding: Use coarse-grit sandpaper to remove old finishes, imperfections, and surface irregularities.

  • Intermediate Sanding: Progress to medium-grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface and refine the wood grain.

  • Fine Sanding: Employ fine-grit sandpaper for a smooth, uniform finish, eliminating any remaining blemishes or scratches.

Polishing Phase:

  • Selecting the Finish: Discuss and decide on the desired finish, whether glossy, semi-gloss, satin, or matte, based on the client’s preferences.

  • Application of Finish: Apply the chosen finish using appropriate tools and techniques, ensuring an even and consistent coating across the entire floor.

  • Drying Time: Allow sufficient time for the finish to dry completely before any additional steps or allowing foot traffic on the floor.

Final Steps:

  • Inspection: Thoroughly inspect the floors for any missed spots, unevenness, or imperfections in the finish.

  • Touch-ups: Perform any necessary touch-ups or additional coats as per the client’s requirements.

  • Cleanup: Clean the area of any dust or debris resulting from the sanding and polishing process.

  • Furniture Replacement: Carefully place back the furniture and accessories in the room, taking precautions to protect the newly polished floors.

Client Walkthrough:

  • Client Approval: Walk through the space with the client to ensure satisfaction with the completed work.

  • Maintenance Tips: Provide guidance on the proper care and maintenance of the newly polished floors to preserve their beauty and durability.


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