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Sofa Cleaning/Upholstery services

We offer you the best service of sofa and couch cleaning in Nairobi, Kenya with our exclusive stain removals. Couch cleaning requires professional cleaning company like Dulytec to avoid damages to the fibers in any way. We will refresh your leather or fabric furniture and quickly take years off of their appearance. Your chair are handled professionally by trained personnel.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer the best carpet cleaning services in Nairobi. Rugs requires professional regular cleaning to eliminate dirt and bacteria. Also helps at maintaining beauty of carpets. cleaning of house and office carpets, We eliminates stains dust and allergens from carpets through vacuuming, deep water thorough and dry cleaning with excellent results and at affordable price. Our sophisticated machines and professional cleaning ensures we dry carpet within a day. This is achieved with minimum hassle and affordable prices We will provide you with the complete home and commercial upholstery Cleaning that you expect from us in Nairobi, Kenya.

Car Interior Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Car Interior Cleaning

We offer complete interior cleaning including, seats, dashboard, roof, floor and plastic restorations. We use specifically designed upholstery tools that dissolve dirt and bring car back to its original state. We provide best seats, roof and even carpet cleaning at comfort of your home. When it comes to car interior wash, we do not do guess work. It is professional cleaning service at your premises.

General House Cleaning

Dulytec Specialize in regular and one-off domestic cleaning services in Nairobi and surrounding. We entail on areas like wall stain removing and dusting, wardrobes and drawers, windows, doors, refrigerator, sinks, bathroom and toilets scrubbing and disinfecting and house floor. Our team is experienced, skillful and delivers quality services.

Mattress Cleaning Services

Dulytec cleaning services provides professional mattress cleaning services and sanitizing services. We get rid of harmful dust and contaminant that accumulate on the mattress with time. We provide you with 100% satisfaction guarantees.

Window Cleaning Services

Do you dream of a home that features spotless windows? At Dulytec Cleaning, our residential window cleaners can turn this dream into a reality for a brighter, more appealing home.

Toilet Cleaning

In our house holds sinks and toilet bowls are the most which need so much attention. This is because they are likely to form bacteria and also dirt that may cause them corrode and change their color. Under dulytec cleaning services, we provide professional washroom services at an affordable fee. When you Chose Dulytec, you are guaranteed best result at your home.

Post Construction Cleaning

Cleaning up after construction isn’t just about removing dust. It involves handling hazardous materials safely, making new floors and walls shiny and clean, and fixing safety problems. At Dulytec Cleaning Services, our expert post-renovation cleaning services are thorough and detailed. We do a deep clean of your new or renovated space in multiple steps.

Laundry Services in Nairobi

Laundry Services

At Dulytec Cleaning Services, we understand the demands of modern life. That’s why we offer comprehensive laundry services in Nairobi to simplify your routine and ensure your clothes are impeccably clean and fresh. Experience the difference with Dulytec Cleaning Services’ Laundry Services in Nairobi.

Fumigation Services

we specialize in comprehensive fumigation and pest control solutions designed to ensure the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of your spaces. Our comprehensive fumigation services encompass various sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and specialized pest treatments such as termites, rodents, bed bugs, and warehouse fumigation.

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