Sofa Set Cleaning

There are advantages of professional company cleaning your sofa set:

  • Prolong the furniture life

If you have kids in the house they usually eat food while dropping in the seat. Over time dust and dirt can cause friction within the fabric fibers causing thinning leading one to replace furniture because of this damage.

Dulytec cleaning services use chemicals that are gentle on upholstery fabric but tough on stains. A regular professional clean can reduce wear and tear and can make seat last longer.

  • House freshness

Sofa set cleaning offers fresh smell on itself and also the room overall.

  • Health issues

Cleaning of sofa set removes allergens such as pollen, pet hair and dander.

  • Drying of seat

We usually use high technology in cleaning the seats. Steaming cleaning which in turn help the seats to dry within 5 hours after the service. This is achieved even in the house anytime of the day.


Choose Dulytec Cleaning Services and enjoy our services.

Using too much water is the main cause of damage of the seat and this is common when you used unqualified cleaning company. Excess use of water may lead to prolonged drying time. Furniture that is left damp for too long can quickly develop mound which will damage the fabric or even leather.

Well trained cleaners generally use mini-more water that will leave seat completely dry within few hours. Also after cleaning they use vacuum cleaner to reduce amount of water in your seat. The fast the seat dries the less chance of damage.

We achieve above by using steam cleaning method which helps in drying time reduction.