End of tenancy

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End of tenancy

If you own properties that you rent out, you need them to attract the best rate possible by making sure your houses, flats or rooms are in top conditions. This is where a professional end of tenancy cleaning is well worth considering.


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You need to consider several things while deciding end of tenancy cleaning.

  • Protecting your investment

Most possible reason for end of tenancy cleaning is to prepare the property for an inventory. And a deep cleaning is the best way to prepare the property for an inventory.

  • Set new tenant expectations

A tenant presented with a clean property will know the standards of cleanliness they need to keep.

The things to be mostly considered are:

  • Oven 

The inside of an oven can carry a lot of dirt. If it’s in such state you need to call professional cleaners.

  • Carpets ad flooring

This is to make sure no stains are left and carpet look like it was before the previous tenant was handed the apartment.

  • Checking bins

Making sure the bins are empty. Professional cleaning company entails on is by using pressure washer and ensuring nothing left untouched.