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Car Interior Cleaning

If it has been a long time since you had a fresh smell from your car, now is the time to clean its interior. Interior cleaning is very important if you want to maintain a healthy indoor environment and enjoyable ride.

If you neglect to clean the inside of your car, your vehicle interior surfaces could start to develop excess wear and tear. Dirt, dust and spilled substances can all wear away at your vehicles interior services.

Although you may have tight schedule you need time for your car interior cleaning. That might be hard to have enough time for you to clean inside. If you are too busy you can entrust it to a professional car interior company like Dulytec cleaning services.


Choose Dulytec Cleaning Services and enjoy our services.

There are different ways of cleaning the interior of your car. These help in restoring back its freshness and sparkling leather.

  • Vacuum

This is carried on the floor mats, seats and carpet, also under car seats and around the pedals and also roof.

  • Leather cleaning

Leather is easy to maintain and can be very important when you want to sell your car. While cleaning, you need to work on one section at a time. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the cleaner.

Use a conditioner to treat the leather after cleaning to maintain leather sparkling. Also steaming the leather seats goes well during cleaning.

  • Foul odour¬†

Foul car odour may come from different sources such as food, vomit, and pet urine. There is commercial odour removal products used on type of odour. 

Dulytec cleaning services offers car interior cleaning in Nairobi and Kenya at large. We use nontoxic and non-abrasive cleaners. We make the interior of your car look cleaner and smell fresher. On top of that we are mobile. So you save your time and fuel. We usually bring services to your door step.